• How to Gain Exposure in the Crude Oil Market

    In case you haven’t heard, Stocks aren’t the only things looking like they might go to zero…. Some “Large hedge funds,” according to Bloomberg are predicting Crude Oil to do just that… go to zero. While those type of predictions as great for clickbait, we think they’re being a bit dramatic. Either way, with crude oil having dropped nearly $30

  • What You Ought To Know About the DAX

    No, the DAX is not a new trendy drink.

  • This Market is Crazy, and Tradng Systems are Loving It

    If you haven’t been paying attention to the market lately, stock indices have been on the move. We’re talking 2% up, followed by 2% down days. This chart from CNBC does a pretty good job of visualizing the markets recent moves. (Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results) Source: CNBC While these type of wild swings make

  • Explore iSystems with Ease

    There’s some exciting news in the trading system world to report. The good folks at iSystems have upped the ante – improving their already industry best platform to allow for better sorting and filtering of systems! You can see the improvements live here: iSystems platform

  • Trying to Time a System Can Be Costly

    In the terminology of America’s baseball pastime, trading systems hit “Home Runs”, not “Base Hits”. So they are constantly trying to survive the less than perfect conditions while waiting for that one big trade. You don’t want to miss that home run trying to avoid the lowly strike out.