Trusted Technology

10 Years in the Making…
The iSystems platform was created by a Spanish company called TradingMotion, SL. Since 2002, TradingMotion has offered automated trading systems from different developers to investors, starting the service at the leading futures broker in Spain – After years of perfecting their execution technology, expanding the number of available systems, and providing better tools for their analysis; the platform is now available to US investors.
Automated Trading has spent years working with TradingMotion to insure the fastest and most fair execution available. Every trade is sent to the exchange via a direct connection, and sent in random order to assure no one account gets preferred treatment. Once a trade is filled, clients can see the best, worst, and average price received across all accounts trading each strategy, and how much that fill differed from the strategy ‘fill price’, what we call slippage. The mission of the iSystems platform is to insure the performance you receive in your account over a representative period of time matches the performance you see on the platform.
Server-Based Execution
TradingMotion technology sends orders direct to the various futures exchanges within milliseconds after a trading system has generated a signal, running the trading algorithms on the same servers as the order routing technology to remove the latency which comes from building charts or running system code on a remote machine which then must transmit orders to another machine.
Trading Algorithms Hosted In-House
The iSystems platform by TradingMotion runs all of the automated trading systems available on the platform on its servers in house. By requiring that developers send their trading system code into TradingMotion, all of the problems with the code running on the developers’ machines are removed (poor backup facilities, manual overrides, the potential for constant changing of the code, and so on).